Minimalistic App lllustrations

Blago is a mental health app that aims to help people cope with anxiety. It’s created with the help of psychologists 

My main task was to create illustrations for the introductory part of the app. To do this, I created a character and a story that introduces the program.

I made a couple of concepts. You can see the sketches of one in the first and second picture. We chose to show the journey through the course using a single character. That way it functions as a mascot throughout the app. Where the character becomes a familiar, and trusted persona of otherwise abstract application. . Since the main target audience of the app are  women between 20 to 35 years old, we chose a girl character. 

Through the metaphor of plants, jungle and thickets, we portrayed the state of anxiety that the app helps to combat.

sketches blago
blago sketches 2
blago screen 4
blago screen 1
blago screen 2
blago screen 3
blago screen 5
blago screen 6

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