Children's book animal illustrations – Cliff the Koala

These illustrations were made for one of the drawing challenges on instagram.I really like them for their colour and characters.

The story I came up with and illustrated is attached below.

"Cliff reminds me of my husband, they are the same type. If he wants a recipe for the tastiest coffee, for example, he'll find it. And, if he can’t he’ll create his own solution.

Cliff makes himself a cold brew. I didn't know about this brewing method until this illustration. I don't like to experiment that way. I'll have just a cappuccino, please."

"Everything is going according to plan for this little koala ?

Cliff was, of course, worried about the outcome, so he called his friend Oliver the Lion. He's been to so many countries. He'd know if the coffee was good or bad ??
Cliff wasn't wrong. Oliver was satisfied!"

"Oliver, of course, gave Cliff the idea to open a coffee place. Said everyone in town would love it. Well, he got it right.

Sunday morning was the opening! It was so cool, this is the only picture I took. Even Mayor Benjamin the Badger was present and was seen queuing for the next mug of coffee as many as 5 times. That's the way to support local entrepreneurs!✊" 

Cliff 1
Cliff 2
Cliff Coffee Place Opening

Julia van der Bos © 2023


Julia van der Bos © 2021